Choosing A Baby Monitor For The New Parents

When a couple finds out they are pregnant, the countdown clock begins. They know how long it is before the baby should make an arrival and they know what supplies they need to gather before the baby comes home. Of course, a bassinet or crib is necessary, along with newborn clothes, diapers and a car seat, but for many parents a baby monitor is considered an essential necessity they don’t want to live without. Unfortunately when it’s time to compare baby monitors to find the best fit for their needs, reading through baby monitor reviews can be confusing. With the many choices available, unless the new parents are clear on what they expect their baby monitor to do, it can become an overwhelming decision to determine the best monitor for their needs and the needs of their baby.


Though all monitors allow the parents to listen to their baby while in another room, some of them allow two way conversation, allowing parents to communicate back to their baby. Whether it’s a soothing voice or even a lullaby to usher them back to sleep, two way communication can be quite convenient for many. Additionally, many units offer video, as well as audio in the baby’s nursery. This allows parents the added piece of mind to watch their baby sleep peacefully or to ensure a stubborn sleeper is safe while allowing them to cry it out. Some units boast night vision capabilities to clearly see the baby in the dark. Others will play soothing lullabies at the touch of a button, helping to lull the baby back to sleep without the parent entering the room. Of course, when bringing the newborn home from the hospital, if the baby sleeps in the parent’s room, there may be no need for a monitor immediately, but even then it’s an added comfort during nap time, ensuring the baby’s safety while parents take care of necessary chores or tasks in another room.

When choosing the right monitor, it is useful to think long-term. Initially, the unit may only be used to listen for a waking newborn, but as the child ages, it’s an added convenience to keep abreast of their safety when out of site. Monitoring a mischievous toddler who wanders during nap time or keeping an eye on siblings in a playroom all prove to be convenient with a well-chosen monitor.

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